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Model: GKAF Cut to Length

Touch Screen HMI

PLC Controlled

Pneumatically Actuated Knife Assembly

Stepper or Servo Driven Roll Feed

Clear Anodized Aluminum

Precision Hardened Blade sets

Programmable Cut Lengths

Cuts papers, films, foils, thing gauge metals, etc.

        Reliable operation

        Customizable

        Standard Sizes to over 3 feet

Operating Requirements:

Electrical: 110 VAC (220 available)

Pneumatic: 70 to 90 psi


Magnetic Positioning

Out of Product Sensors

        Eye Registration

        Blade material options including carbide tipped

        Rollers can be made of a variety of materials including static reducing         carbon black

        Anti-Static Ion Bars

        Custom Cut Widths

        Special programming including recipes

     Custom I/O for easy machine adaptation

     Unwind Stands and edge guiding

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Take Away Conveyors



Print Heads

Multiple Roll Unwinds

Custom Blade Coatings for long life or release properties