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PD-Eco Pouch Inserter

The PD-ECO Pouch Dispenser is a highly cost effective way to insert small pouches into a large variety of bottles and containers. It can be used for Desiccants, oxygen absorbers, Sensormatic security strips, and a wide variety of other products. With it’s  in-line design, the unit requires only 24 inches of production line space to operate allowing it to squeeze into a tight packaging line. The unit is also available with a gating system that is attached directly to the machine, allowing the entire system to be moved from line to line. The PD-Eco also comes with a 3 color touch screen HMI that can offer both English and Spanish allowing for easy operation.

The unit is ideally suited for use in bottling lines, over-wrapping machines, vertical/horizontal bag forming machines, hopper dispensing, etc.  

Specifications Drawings

Economy Series

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PD-ECO Style Variations

PD-ECO with side unwind enclosure.

Shown with optional exit slide chute

PD-ECO with top mounted roll and gating system

PD Eco Pouch Dispenser